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High potential and gifted education

MVHS High Potential and Gifted Education Program


“Gifted students are our prospective leaders and innovators. In nurturing their talents, we are not only meeting their rights to access an appropriate education, but also ensuring that the future of our society is in good hands”

Victorian Government Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented Students 

The NSW Department of Education’s High Potential and Gifted Education Policy was developed according to the following guiding principles:

  • All students, regardless of background or personal circumstances, require access to learning programs that meet their learning needs and support to aspire to, and achieve, personal excellence.

  • Our commitment to high expectations for all students includes high potential and gifted students.

  • Achieving excellence for high potential and gifted students is underpinned by effective school environments including quality teaching, learning and leadership. 

  • Potential exists along a continuum, where differing degrees of potential require differing approaches and levels of adjustment and intervention. 

Moss Vale High School recognises the unique learning needs of high potential and gifted students. High potential and giftedness at our school is aligned with Françoys Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (see the image below). As such, the potential of each student is identified, developed and challenged to find its expression in talent. This talent is characterised by outstanding student achievement and performance in any one (or more) of the four domains of potential (intellectual, physical, social emotional and creative). We are committed to working within the framework of the NSW Department of Education’s High Potential and Gifted Education Policy to implement effective teaching and learning practices.

Our school offers an array of talent development opportunities across the four domains of potential. The extensive learning opportunities we offer promote engagement and challenge for all learners, as we strive to address the issues of equity and excellence in the education of high potential and gifted students.