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Religion and ethics

Special Religious Education (SRE) at Moss Vale High School

Each Year 7 and 8 class has one SRE lesson per fortnight as part of their regular timetable. Students engage in a variety of different learning activities to explore and develop their own spirituality and worldview.

The classes are taught by Mr James Knight who began teaching SRE at Moss Vale High School in 2021. Although Mr James Knight has an Anglican background his role is to represent all denominations associated with the local SRE board. The Southern Highlands Christian Education Association (SHCEA) represents 22 local churches from 10 different denominations and teaches both Protestant and Catholic students..

Mr Knight completed a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at Charles Sturt University and spent several years working as a school photographer before making a career change to study Theology at Youthworks College and worked as a Student Minister at Stanhope Anglican Church. Now with an Advance Diploma of Theology Mr Knight loves to support students as they develop their understanding of the world around them.

Although most students do attend the SRE classes, those who are non-scripture students are given a workbook of English studies to complete while being supervised in the library.

All SRE Teachers must have WWCC clearance, SRE Teacher Training, Denominational Approval from a DET recognised SRE Provider and be cross authorised by all participating churches associated with the local employing SRE Board. SRE Teachers must also have the DET Mandatory Child Protection Training, Anaphylaxis Training and CPR training.

All SRE Teachers must use only approved curriculum and at MVHS the Think Faith curriculum is used.

The Curriculum outline

MVHS SRE Participation letter

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.