Moss Vale High School

Safe, Respectful and Responsible Learners

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Year Advisers / Learning & Support

Moss Vale High has a very strong No Bully policy including a strong stance on racism and homophobia. We are inclusive and caring to all and promote the importance of community and belonging.

Any student who is experiencing difficulties at school should firstly speak with their Year Adviser. Parents are also encouraged to speak to their child's Year adviser.

2023 Year Advisers:

  • Year 7:     Brittany Carr    
  • Year 8:     Sean Crombie
  • Year 9:     Debby Middleton       
  • Year 10:    Alex Sandland                          
  • Year 11:    Alex Miller     
  • Year 12:    Katie Cripps

2023 Head Teacher:

  • Year 7:     Jemima Finlayson
  • Year 8:     Matthew Lee
  • Year 9:     Ashlee Randall
  • Year 10:    Sharlene Killian
  • Year 11:    Luke Vandenbergh
  • Year 12:   Megan Youman/Stephanie Murko

Learning & Support

Moss Vale High School is committed to supporting the learning needs of all students.  These needs are met through the delivery of quality teaching by all of our teaching staff.  For those students requiring additional support, the Learning and Wellbeing team consult on the most appropriate resources in the school to provide that support. Primarily, this involves referral to Learning and Support. Referrals can be made by parents, teachers or students.